Know the physics of curly hair to stimulate the growth of your curly hair

Do you like to have a curly hair? Curly hair is a boon to look nurture in nature. If you have a naturally curly hair you can face some dilemmas at any moment. Do you wish to change your hair in a curly style? You have to know some physics about the curls on hair.

Due to the gene, hair genetic problem and other some personal reasons curly hair will not grow faster and longer. Take the following information as a hair tip to know why the curly hair is not growing faster.

Experiment with particular curly event

Before knowing the tips to grown the curly hair you must know the nature of your hair. One may silky curly hair, other has dry curly hair and remaining has damaged curly hair. The tendency of each curly hair on growing is different from one another. Experiment with your hair and know the nature of your hair to grow curly hair fast in your scalp. Know the common reason why your hair is not growing and treat properly.

growth of curly hair

Over manipulation affects the length

Many people have the habit to take time for manipulating their curly hair. But treating the curly hair with over manipulating will affects the length of the hair and shortens it. Treat your hair with low manipulation styles it will help to avoid the damages on hair and extends the length of the hair. Avoid constant styling with braid and twists on the curly hair and check how fast does curly hair grow.

Moisture to break off the breaks

stimulate hair growthDryness is the top-notch reason to break off the growth of the hair. Try to avoid constant drying your curly hair, keep off the ends and cuticles with moisturizes to keep away from drying. Analyze the health of your hair ends and take care of it to give deep conditioning to stimulate hair growth.

Take care of the oldest part of your hair

The ends of the hair are the oldest part of your hair it is the first part of your cuticle as a hair. You must take care to avoid split ends on hair. Trim them regularly once you notice the splits unhealthy ends on the end of your hair. Avoid heating tools and overheat to let the hair growing naturally curly hair to extends the length of the hair and retain with the healthy nature.


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