Understand the hair type and Figure out your hair density

hair density

You may experience on noticing the reducing and increasing hair density on your scalp. Have you ever know the real technique to determine the type of your hair. If no, take this article as an informative thing to know your hair nature. The natural hair density is easy to determine as by the measure of your healthy hair. Based on the personal preference the hair density is calculated.

What hair does density refer?

The density of hair is not deal with the hair extensions or wigs. Due to the genetic reason, the density of hair varies from one person to another. The definition of hair density is the characteristic of the real hair of the person. The density of the hair on every person reflects the sign of condition on hair.

Is hair thickness is different from hair density?

Yes, you should not get confused between the hair density and the hair thickness they both are varying from one another. Hair thickness reflects the health of the hair in standards but the density of hair reflects the number of hair counts on the scalp of the person. If you want to determine hair density on your scalp, you can use the following steps.

Steps to determine the hair density

Some persons look at the overall thickness of the hair to determine the hair density. However, professionals follow the method of counting the hairs to find the hair density. Here the steps to determine the hair density by following the professional method are listed below:

  • Divides your hair in multiplies
  • Take one square inch on your scalp
  • Count the number of hairs in the one square inch
  • Calculates the multiplies of square inches on your full scalp
  • Multiplies the number of hair per each scalp
  • Assure the average of hair from each square inch

The quantity of hair from each square inches helps to determine the assured amount of hair density on your hair.

What are the tests available to check the hair density?

There are many ways and tests are available to measure the hair density, they are listed as follows.

  • Strand count test helps to determine the hair density in the percentage wise.
  • Non-invasive close photograph define hair density as per hair strands of the person.
  • Ponytail test is the self-dependent test to measure the density and circumference of the hair

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