Causes & Prevention of Split Ends

causes split ends

Shiny, silky smooth hair is seen as sound hair. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about bunched up hair? The presence of damaged hair can be an indication of inordinate hair brushing or the abuse of synthetic chemicals and warm medicines. So if you’d like to have a long layered hair, like on this page, you have to solve the main causes of split ends.

It can likewise be an indication of inward factors like nutrient deficiencies or even be a result of genetics. Hair Split ends can be dealt with, yet it is critical to comprehend what makes them and how to prevent them.

The hair structure totally consists of three layers, the cuticle, cortex, and medulla:

The cuticle is an outermost layer. It has tiny dead overlapping cells that act as a protectant for the other layers.

Cortex is a middle layer. The cortex has a pigment that gives natural color to the hair. It acts as a resistance to the hair.

The medulla is the inner core. The medulla contains more loosely packed fatty acids and pigment. Obviously, it can be seen only in thicker coarse hairs.

split ends on natural hair

Causes of Split Ends

Split ends in hair are exactly how they sound like. They happen when the hair shaft parts from a solitary strand to different, more often than not happening at the tip. This is regularly an indication of harmed or unhealthy hair.

Hair split ends occurs because of excessive or rehashed chemical treatments, different ecological exposures, and preparing propensities. These can bring about severe damage to the hair, seen as “weathering”.

Natural Causes

Anything that can harm the furthest layer of the hair shaft, the cuticle, can lead to split ends. Basic reasons for split end on natural hair incorporate abundance warmth connected to the hair, synthetic compounds added to the hair and physical harm.


The utilization of blow dryers, fixing irons, hair curling accessories and different warmth delivering devices are basic warm medications used to control the hair. Warm medications are successful in briefly changing the state of hair or accelerating the drying procedure.

These procedures can likewise make harm the hair, leading to the cause of split ends. At the point, when warmth is straightforwardly connected to the hair with the use of irons, or in a roundabout way by a blow dryer, it expels the nearness of water retained within the hair and can harm the fingernail skin.

The absence of hydration in the hair brings about the split ends in hair getting to be fragile and progressively vulnerable to breaking, which results in split finishes. The harm procedure is quickened by persistent and extraordinary warm exposures.

Nutritional Damage

Nourishment assumes a critical job in keeping up the soundness of hair. A decent eating routine of protein, nutrients, and minerals are a decent method to get nutrition imbalance for sound hair. There is a dietary imbalance or deficiency can lead to the causes split ends.

split ends in hair

How to Prevent Split Ends

  • Identify and keep away from triggers that normally cause split ends
  • Avoid unnecessary and forceful brushing and combing of both wet and dry hair
  • Limit abundance connected warmth to the hair
  • Decrease the recurrence of artificially connected hair medications
  • Ensure appropriate day by day supplement prerequisites
  • Use moisturizing oil treatments to protect the cuticle layer
  • Maintain hair wellbeing by getting trims a few times each year
  • Protect hair split end from UV sun exposure

If you notice split ends in hair get the tips cut at your hairdresser’s, at that point begin a deterrent anti-breakage hair care routine at home utilizing the correct hair care.


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